How to get what you want and start Manifesting in 2022.

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

2021 it's been a good year for us ❤️⁣

If you don't believe things can manifest the way you want them to, I recommend you give it a try in 2022! ⁣

✨Manifesting is the law of attraction. ⁣

If you google it: "essentially, Manifestation is bringing something tangible into your life through attraction and belief...⁣

for example; if you think it, it will come" ⁣

I believe manifesting is a start, and once you set your goals and you have a clear why, and a clear view, you can start putting the steps in motion. ⁣

You'll mentally start working towards those things! 🔥⁣

I've always wanted more time with my kids! I've been manifesting this the past few years. Being able to work for myself from home, doing more things that I love and am passionate about. Having more flexibility. ⁣

Heres How to start manifesting: ⁣

✨ write down your goals, be clear on what you want⁣

✨work towards those goals, create a plan and stick to it. ⁣

✨ create a vision board and look at it each day ⁣

✨ keep your positive energy High. Practice gratitude and kindness ⁣

my girls and I are working on vision boards next week. We have ones made but goals change! ⁣

Every day is a fresh start but there's something about the new year that I love! It's a great New Years project for moms and kids also. ⁣

Who's planning to set goals for 2022?⁣

Who's ready?!! 🔥🔥🔥 ⁣

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