My Craft Story

How I started crafting and turned my love of DIY and making things for my kids into a business.

Like many of you, I started crafting for my kids. I decided one day to buy a cricut and make some shirts for my kids. I saw all the cute custom shirts people were wearing for special occasions. Birthday parties, Christmas and even Thanksgiving became an event to wear a funny shirt, a family photo shirt or holiday tee.

Family Tee's became a big thing! I started sharing what i was making and people started to ask me to make them a shirt! Sports moms wanted soccer mom tees and hats and the ball started rolling from there!

I was a sports mom also. I had a few kids trying different things like soccer, baseball and so I connected with a lot of other moms and I was happy to help them out. It game me practice and they referred me over and over again. I'm so grateful for my mom friends. Moms are such a supportive community that understands you.

I started off doing custom designs. Eventually, I learned and dabbled with Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and a few other graphic designs websites and learned about fonts and graphics. I knew nothing about graphic design. I had no background in art or computer graphics. After watching some tutorials and getting some mentors I was creating my own designs and opened an Etsy Shop with all occasion graphics and a separate empowerment shirt website. Click on a shirt below to visit my shop :)

If I can do it, anyone can do it.

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